Printing file requirements

File formats: TIFF, PDF, EPS, AI, CDR
Recommended format: TIF


TIFF – In terms of minimum volume and maximum quality it is better that:
the file is recorded with LZW compression (for TIFF) and that
it does not contain roads, masks and layers;
the document is in CMYK.


EPS / AI – The text is in curves;
the document is in CMYK and with an attached profile;
raster images are attached and not connected.


CDR – The text is in curves;
all images are in CMYK;


Be careful not to have Overprint in the files.


For output printing resolution 720 dpi1:1 from 50 to 70 dpi., 1:10 from 500 to 700 dpi

For output printing resolution 1440 dpi  – 1:1 from 100 to 300 dpi., 1:10 from 1000 to 3000 dpi