The most famous representative of outdoor advertising and our greatest strength. You can see them everywhere. Our capacity per day is more than 300.

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Billboard’s big brother – whether it it 8 х 3, 8 х 4 or 12 х 5, it cannot make it difficult for us. We can do it by sewing or directly from one piece of vinyl – it’s your choices. You need to know:

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This is a certain way for someone to be noticed. The manufacture of this product is extremely specific - the manner of printing and preprinting, how it will be sewn and how it will be installed in such a way that it has the necessary advertising effect with maximum safety of the equipment.

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The backlit film is a transparent, semi-matt, polyester media with proven application for high-quality advertising campaigns on light boxes.

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The application of the signs is varied as the materials and technologies they are made of. They can be intended for indoor or outdoor use, they can be lighted or not. They can be impact resistant, water resistant, etc. Whatever they are, they are important – without them our daily lives would be more difficult and more confusing.

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They can be glued to a glass showcase, on a car, on latex, on flooring or on faience. They can be one centimeter or more than 10 meters. All this is familiar to us and cannot surprise us.

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You can see them in all major cities. They keep you company while you are walking or waiting for the bus. On vinyl, backlit film or paper. Low or high resolution. For end lighting or not. There are many options. we can advise you and make them on time.

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The best way to improve the appearance of the most popular “second point” - the palet. Our resources allow us to produce more than 1000 of them for one day.

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You no longer have to restrict yourself to choosing only the ready-made types of wallpapers. You can place a favorite singer, actor, or a photo you have made yourself on the wall at home. It is placed like an ordinary wallpaper, and some types do not even require glue.

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When you need to print large sizes of posters, or smaller ones but in small number, the best technology, and sometimes the only possible one, is the large-format digital printing. For personal use, exhibition, diploma work or promotion announcement – we are available to satisfy even the most capricious taste.

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In order to be most comprehensive and client-oriented, we tried to be better and better at the making and execution of all products and services in the field of advertising branding. From printing the most routine orders such as billboards and posters to much more specific “creative branding”, covering entire buildings with advertising images and preparation of komatex, corrugated board racks and racks of other materials.


"... ReBrand have won our competition once again for their excellent service and perfect print quality"

Savina Novakova - Senior Marketing Communications Manager, VIVACOM

"... ReBrand, because they do excellent printing work and are very fast with deadlines"

Radoslav Dodov - Production Manager, PUBLISIS AD

"... ReBrand because of the attitude, quick response, quality performance and competitive prices"

Ivan Dudov - Trade Marketing Manager, DEVIN EAD

"... ReBrand are very easy and nice to work with and they offer excellent balance between price, quality and speed"

Vladislav Zahariev - Production Manager, INTERPARTNERS - AD

"... quick, honest - a real partner, we can always rely on ReBrand in extreme situations..."

Slavka Dichkova, INKO FOODS Ltd.