Citylight / stops

You can see them in all major cities. They keep you company while you are walking or waiting for the bus. On vinyl, backlit film or paper. Low or high resolution. For end lighting or not. There are many options. we can advise you and make them on time.


THE THREE MAIN MATERIALS USED ARE VYNIL, BACKLIT FILM AND CITYLIGHT PAPER. We will help you choose the better option according to the total number of prints and the their purpose.
CONSIDERING THE MODERN STANDARDS for environmental protection and maintenance, we chose to use paper for end lighting in our production that have a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate, which certifies that the product is made from well-managed forests providing ecological, social and economic benefits.


these facilities are usually looked at from close up, this is why you should choose high-resolution printing, especially for smaller number of prints. This also ensures a significantly stronger advertising effect.