Car branding

Car branding is the “top flight” when installing foil. At ReBrand we can proudly say that this is one of our strongest sides.


CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY FOILS for the branding of your cars. Several more leva per sq.m. can save you a lot of trouble in the future.
THE BEST CHOICE FOR CAR BRANDING IS THE CAST FOIL. It is characterized with exceptional elasticity and this ensures that it will adhere best and for a long time even to the most rounded or uneven part of the car.
REQUIRE THE FOIL TO BE LAMINATED – especially if it is printed – this will guarantee you significantly longer branding life.
If perforated foil is planned for the design, insist that it is especially for cars – not everyone knows there is such a thing.


In order for the characteristics of the initial project to meet the final execution, precise sizing is required. Otherwise, surprises can be great – inscriptions may be asymmetrical, parts of the design may fall onto inappropriate places of the vehicle, letters and digits may be cut off. The best option is to consult with us before you start making your design – we have schematic sizes of almost all car models.