Design and prepress

A and B of each project. This is where everything starts – both good and bad. In order for us to be able to meet the needs of our clients, we created a design and prepress department. These are experts with vast experience in their field who know how to bring together into one plane the idea and its implementation. Whether they will be adapting or creating an appearance from scratch, the result is the same – what they have been looking for.


THE QUALITY OF THE DESIGN is what the level of your image depends on. It is important to take this seriously. We are available and we can think together about what needs to be done and how.
ONLINE OR ON THE PHONE: if you want us to make a design for you, the source material is important – photos, logos and text. Do not underestimate the quality of photos used. If they are not appropriate, we will tell you and we will offer you alternatives.


When we consider the design, we can choose the right effects to emphasize what we will tell your clients. There are many choices – to shine or reflect, to be printer or “pierced”. Let us offer you.