Showcases branding

Foil with printing and cutting, or print&cut. Subject plans and illuminated elements are only a part of the installations we perform on a daily basis.


SHOWCASES ARE LOOKED AT FROM CLOSE UP and it is better not to make compromise with printing resolution, if the budget allows it.
CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER TO USE A PERFORATION OR UNPERFORATED FOIL. In some cases, the best solution can be “day and night” perforated foil. It allows the passing of daylight and at the same time allows good visibility at night as well.
Showcases allow for a wide choice of installation techniques – print, print & cut or cut-off color foil. Some of the most successful brandings are a combination of several techniques.


in order for us to be able to give warranty for the installation, the outside temperature must be at least 10 degrees. Otherwise, the foil may not stick well to the glass.