The machines

In recent years, large-format printing has made several great steps towards environmental protection, improvement of quality and ability to print on various materials such as synthetic boards, wood and glass. In order for us to be even better and not miss any of the trends in our industry, we have enriched our range of machines with the latest ones in the field. Still, the leading share in branding are solvent and eco solvent printers where our greatest strength lies. We have low-resolution printing capacity of more than 4,000 sq. m. (360 billboards) per 24 hours, and our high-resolution capacity is more than 1,000 sq. m. per day. In order to ensure these results, we rely on a special selection of the top-quality printers by leaders in the manufacture of such equipment.

HP Scitex XL 1500 Printer 5.00 m

A high-performance roll media machine with printing capacity of up to 5.00 meters, which allows the production of mega boards, hoarding and large seamless panels.
Application: printing on vynil for front and end lighting, vynil mesh, PVC foil, perforated foil, citylight paper, scroller paper, etc.
Resolution: 720 dpi
Maximum media width: 5.00 meters
Speed: 70m2/hour

HP Scitex XL 1500 Printer 3.20 m

Extremely productive and reliable roll media machine with the ability to print up to 3.20 meters based on solvent inks. Suitable for making billboards, banners, hoarding, citylights, etc. We rely on the speed and high performance of two of these machines.
Application: printing on vynil for front and end lighting, vynil mesh, PVC foil, perforated foil, citylight paper, scroller paper, etc.
Resolution: 720 dpi
Maximum media width: 3.20 meters
Speed: 70m2/hour

branding machines

HP Latex 3100

Modern eco-friendly technology combined with high quality and high image stability. 6-color print for rich colors and smooth transitions.
HP Latex Printing – offers ink-jet printing, an advantage for companies who want to create environmentally friendly products for public places where the presence of unpleasant smell is a problem.
The machine enables double-sided printing on blockout vinyl and paper and has an additional option for direct printing on textiles.
Application: vinyl printing for front and back illumination, backlit film, PVC foil, paper, canvas, textiles, wallpaper and others.
Maximum Resolution: 1200 dpi
Maximum Media Width: 3.20 meters
Speed: 40 m2/hour

производство на табели

ATP DFP-740 G4

Direct sublimation printing with exceptional image quality and rich, saturated colors for flags, banners, textiles and other 100% polyester fabrics.
The ATPColor system is designed to easily print open mesh fabrics, such as flags, without marking the back of the fabric with “blowing” ink.
Maximum Resolution: 1200 dpi
Color: CMYK х 4
Maximum Media Width: 188 centimeters
Average speed: 25 m2/hour
Maximum speed: 70 m2/hour

Roland RF-640

Extremely precise machine allowing the execution of the finest image with dimensions of up to 1.60 meters. We have 5 machines for photorealistic printing on a wide range of media.
Application: printing on vynil for front and end lighting, backlit film, PVC foil, sandblasting foil, light reflective foil, perforated foil, citylight paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, canvas, etc.
The machine is suitable for making: stickers, banners, posters, reproductions, etc.
Resolution: 1440 dpi
Maximum media width: 1.60 meters
Speed: 24m2/hour

Аризона 360

Oce Arizona 360 XT Flatbed

High-quality machine designed for direct printing on flat and roll media. Works with UV-based inks, which ensures high resistance to external conditions. CMYK + White – Option for extra white color on transparent media. Excellent color reproduction for backlit film, electrostatic film and stickers suitable for long-term exterior application. Extra high-quality mode with the ability to play small text up to 2 points.
Print on: Foamed PVC (comatex), foam board, smartex, stadur, plexiglass, veralit, corrugated board, wood, MDF, tempered glass, etalbond, PVC foil, backlit film, vinyl and others.
Maximum Resolution: 1440 dpi
Maximum print width (flat plates): 250×305 centimeters
Maximum print width (roll media): 218 centimeters
Maximum flat plate thickness: 48 mm
Average speed: 12 m2/hour
Maximum speed: 36 m2/hour


ZÜND G3 XL-3200 G3

Multifunctional cutting system that combines the capabilities of several machines:
• Classic router • Oscillating knife • Bending machine • V-cut blade • Kiss cutting
Application: Formatting and cutting of soft, flexible and rigid materials with thickness up to 50 mm.
Cutting through complex contours and layer deformation.
Grooving, cutting, perforating.
The system is suitable for both single piece and multi-product series: headers, stoppers, shelves, folding displays, indicative signs, boxes and packagings, stickers, presentation kits and others.


High-performance plotter with a contour cutting system AAS II. Maximum cutting width of 1.80 meters, which allows to cut even boutique media sizes above standard sizes. Precision knife with up to 600 g of pressure for cutting of foils with different thickness.

Seal 62 Base

Laminating up to 1.57 cm width
Speed up to 5m/min
Ability for heat lamination
Adjustable pressure for optimal lamination

машина за професионално шиене


Single-needle straight machine with basic, needle and alternate upper leg transport, electromagnetic thread cut, integrated second stitch length, reverse mode and and lifting (change of the height and stroke) of the foot, integrated light workplace without a shadow. The brushless direct current motor, the direct drive synchronizer and the direct drive and the charging unit of machines with DA direct are fully integrated into the sewing head, allowing very smooth movement, higher needle penetration, low vibration and maximum energy efficiency.
The integrated sewing engine has high dynamics during acceleration and braking phases as well as excellent positioning speed and accuracy.

машина за принтиране и шиене


The “Semi-Dry-Head” high speed sewing machine with a maintenance-free direct drive, which is integrated into the head of the machine.
The “semi-dry head” avoids spots on the details and ensures quiet movement and durability. The top-class, ergonomically designed design with convenient function keys, such as a manual backtacking button, improves the performance of difficult sewing operations.
The machine is also equipped with an electromagnetic lifting device for the leg.
What distinguishes 218 of our many other vinyl canvas and mesh sewing machines is the leg adjustment wheel that allows fast sewing and reproducible adaptation to a variety of lightweight to medium fabrics such as flags, banners, displays, etc.
The new generation of DÜRKOPP ADLER 281 sewing machines sets new standards in all sectors of the tailoring industry.